The Water Street Glassworks Portfolio

logoThis is a gallery of images showing the talents of WSG stakeholders - faculty, staff, adult students, younger students, renters, directors, guest artists, Fired Up! students, and other benefactors of Water Street Glassworks.

It's a sample of "YOU CAN DO IT!" Most students begin knowing nothing about glass or metal working and now produce art of these glass and metal media and more such as drawing and painting.


Kenneth Barnett

Kenneth is an 8th grader at Morton Montessori Academy in Benton Harbor. He is starting his second year in the Fired Up! Program at Water Street Glassworks.

Kenneth tells us his goals are to become a more independent student both at home and at Water Street Glassworks and to improve his techniques in stained glass. "I love using many different colors in my stained glass work and I like becoming better at it."

We enjoy working with Kenneth as he is a very pleasant young man with a lot of potential, and a really good GelatoWorks server!

Kenneth was our first featured artist of the week and Kenneth's Fan Light will kick-off our monthly auction of Fired Up! art.

Anne Odden

Richard K. Thomas

I began at Water Street Glassworks in 2004 knowing nothing about glass or metal working. I was in the first graduating class of Glassblowing. Here are a few pieces I've made, some in collaboration with others.

Jerry Catania