Biography of Becky Wehmer

B.F.A, 1996 The School of the Art Institute of Chicago-Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on craft-based media

A.A./A.S., 1993 St. Louis Community College at Florissant Valley

Studied glass and ceramics at Ox-Bow Summer School of Art, Saugatuck, 1993-present

My interest in glass began when I was a child and would visit my grandparents in Elmira, NY each summer. They would take us to Corning Glass Museum and I sat in awe of the Stuben Glassblowers. I entered the Undergraduate Program at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in 1993 where my studies were interdisciplinary, but mostly craft-based including clay and fiber. Soon, I discovered Ox-Bow Summer School of Art, an affiliate of the Art Institute where glassblowing classes were taught.

In 1994, I headed to Ox-Bow for my first glassblowing class with Jerry and Kathy Catania. The awe I felt as a child for glass was rejuvenated. I moved to Southwestern Michigan in 1999 and worked as a studio assistant at Blue Star Pottery, which kept my hands in clay, thinking about material and form.

In January 2004 the furnace was lit at Water Street Glassworks in the Benton Harbor Arts District. This is where I have landed as an artist and resident. I am allowed the luxury of access to its glassblowing studio to make my own functional and sculptural work and I also teach and manage the studios. I feel very fortunate to have discovered and become part of the supportive community that exists in Benton Harbor.

My work currently focuses on the ideas of touch, containment and sustenance.