Winter Break Youth Camp (3-day class): Monday-Wednesday, Jan 2-4 (3-day class)

Monday-Wednesday, January 2-4 
10:00am - 2:30pm (bring a lunch)
Instructors: Eli Zilke, Gina Edwards & Lexi Ziebarth
(Ages 10+)

Experience glass in our first Winter Break Youth Camp! Students will learn various glass techniques and create projects led by the WSG staff. We will provide all the supplies, tools, and safety equipment to make campers projects a success. 

Day 1 - Centrifugal Casting (hot shop) & Mosaics
Day 2 - Glass Fusing & Glass Beads/Flameworking
Day 3 - Glass Beads & Mosaics

Centrifugal Casting
Apply the principle of centrifugal force to ladle cast glass and - voila! - you get one-of-a-kind, beautiful bowls. Form bowl shapes in sand and press in patterns to create “one-use” molds. Pour in the glass and “spin” for a work of art.

Glass Beads/Flameworking
Learn basic flameworking methods and techniques to heat rods of glass and form into glass beads using a Hot Head torch. Students will shape, mold and decorate molten glass to be used in a final project. Materials and instruction will be provided.

Glass Fusing & Mosaics
While campers are in the mosaic and fusing studio we will work with cold sheets of glass to make a beautiful mosaic wall hanging and a functional trinket bowl. Students will learn how to design, cut and assemble their glass pieces to fit their own interests and style. It’s helpful to bring some topic ideas or pictures to inspire these projects, but all needed skills will be taught by our instructor in order to make amazing keepsakes or gifts.