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Looking for a unique group project / team building experience? Need to get your group away from the office for a while and build something fun together? Water Street Glassworks offers unique opportunities for team-building and group camaraderie in our studios. Get to know your colleagues while participating in a hands-on art-making project for your organization or office. Check out the list below of projects to choose from and then contact our office (269.925.5555) for more information and to book your event.

Note: Your projects will be available for pick-up after your event. A WSG staff member will contact your group representative when projects are ready for pick-up.

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Choose a Project:

Fused Glass: Glass Quilt (16 people MAX): $35/person + $50 to form the panel.  Personalize with your organization/company logo for an additional $25) - Create a group project to display in your office.  Each person will make a fused glass square and the individual pieces will be fused together as a panel 

Glassblowing: Murrine Vessel (10 people MAX): $40/person - Part of the magic of glassblowing is that it is more of a team sport or interpretive dance than an art form done in solitude. This teamwork/collaboration is the way glass has been made for thousands of years.  Here at Water Street Glassworks, we celebrate the tradition of teamwork and invite you and your team/group to join us! Work with our talented team to design in 2-D a glass pattern out of cane and murrine (*see below), and then watch the piece being created in the hot shop; transforming it from a 2-D pattern to a 3-D blown glass vessel that can be displayed in your office. (Please note: the glassblowing studio is closed from June 1 through September 1)

*What is Cane & Murrine?: Colored glass that has been drawn out into a rod to be used at a later time. Murrine: Cross sectional pieces of cane. An age-old Venetian technique by which bundles of cane are assembled, heated, and stretched so as to create specific imagery within the resulting cross section piece.

Making a hand blown vessel with Murrini

Making a handblown vessel with murrini

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We will work with you to create the perfect event for your team. Contact the office for pricing and date availability at 269.925.5555 or email us for more information and to schedule your event.