Remembrance Art Glass Artist - Eli Zilke

Our skilled glass artist, Eli Zilke will infuse the ashes of your loved one with a visual energy and grace that is truly unique to glass. Select a color and sculpted design that speaks to you or best reflects the individual. Each piece is created privately during a designated time in our studio. If you wish to be present or take part in the creative process, we welcome you. 

“Glass is a beautiful and permanent way to memorialize a loved one. I’ve been involved for several years helping grieving family and friends carry out their loved ones final wishes. Through this process I have heard many story’s filled with laughter or tears thinking about memories. I love having folks in the studio and describing the process while they watch the object come to fruition. I believe (hope) that I’ve been able to help bring some closure through an otherwise difficult time.” 
Eli Zilke

Artist Bio:

Eli Zilke began his glass journey at Water Street Glassworks at the age of 12 when he joined the Fired-Up! Program. It was love at first “gather” and really became more of an obsession. After a couple years in the program he started training as a studio technician and eventually a teaching assistant under Jerry Catania. In 2013 Eli departed Water Street Glassworks to Co-Found Hot Shop Valpo a production glass studio in Northwest Indiana.

In 2018 Eli returned to Water Street to assume the position of Studio Manager/Production Designer as well as the core glassblowing instructor. He hopes to launch the passions of new generations of glassblower for years to come.