Glassblowing 1 - October 9 & 10

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Saturday & Sunday (Weekend Course): October 9 & 10 (9 am - 2pm)
This hands-on course introduces the art of glassblowing to the beginner. Learn skills and techniques for manipulating molten hot glass into vessels. Lectures, instructional videos, demonstration, and critiques augment studio instruction. You will work in teams of two, because good teamwork is an important aspect of an efficient and safe glass studio

No experience required. All materials provided. Bring snack or lunch for weekend classes

INSTRUCTORS: Ekin Aytac & Josh Davids

Most recently, this summer Ekin & Josh taught an overview of glassblowing at Ox-Bow, Artist School & Residency in Saugatuck, Mi utilizing best practice for the safest protocols, including the use of the hand inflator for blowing. We are excited to have them join us in teaching again at Water Street Glassworks. 


We continue to adjust our protocol for operating with health and safety as our top priorities, particularly related to blowing glass in our facility. Our team has developed new techniques and utilization of new equipment to allow for safe glassmaking and have added  alternate hand inflation devices in our hot shops. 

We will be requiring adults that take classes at WSG to provide proof of vaccination as a part of their class acceptance, and adhere to our mask policy. We are encouraging our visitors to mask up when visiting WSG, as part of our layered strategy to protect our customers, students, and staff. This protocol is carefully tailored to our facility. As this situation evolves, this information will be updated. 

We are sharing this detailed protocol with you so that your decision to visit WSG and participate in our on-site programming is fully informed.

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